Tunnels of Love Wedding Band Review

Run, walk, sneak, through tunnels of music with your wedding band hire. This idiosyncratic venue is like no other, cut into the cliffs of Devon’s North Coast, it’s a spectacular venue for any celebration. When Alice and Lily where searching for the perfect place to tie the knot, the extravagant manor houses, and beautiful barns didn’t seem to hit the mark. They left feeling defeated, because for them, it didn’t capture their vibe. Lily had met Alice on holiday, beforehand, she hadn’t dated the same sex, but there was something wild and free about her personality that intrigued lily. Therefore, when they went to view the Tunnels Beaches venue, it was perfect. It was something about of a modern day move. A circular glass and wood building carved into the cliff face, with privacy guaranteed, with secluded gardens and an isolated beach. It was nothing like the couple had ever seen before.

Wedding Band Hire Apollo LiveAnother amazing aspect that sold them on the venue was the secret tunnels that had been carved through the cliffs. They had several options when it came to the ceremony, inside the tunnels, thatched gazebo overlooking the sea, or inside the beautiful bespoke building. Alice wanted the thatched gazebo as it overlooked the sea, and reminded her of Lily’s personality and that feeling of when they first met. On the special day, both wore elegant long white wedding dresses, Alice when for a sleek, sign tight silk number, whereas Lily chose a sequinned, lace, luxury dress. Both looked stunning, it was gentle grace against the backdrop of the rough cliff and white foam mixed in the bright blue breaking waves.

They had a small wedding with only the closest of family and friends. On the day, the weather was on their side, it didn’t rain and there was no wind, it’s like the gods had decided to make their day perfect. After drinks and informal gourmet barbecue, it was time to party. Apollo Live caught their eye because of the wide range of instruments they could offer, and also, they could do DJ sets. Their music taste was different from the norm, it mostly comprised of rock. They wanted such music as Queens of the Stone Age, Fall out Boy, Blink 182, Deftones and more.

Apollo Soul were more than happy to accommodate Alice and Lily. They even learned new songs to please their musical tastes. Furthermore, the band traveled all the way to Devon for the couple’s special day. It was a difficult task transporting all the instruments and lights required to make the day a blast, but they managed to do it without any hiccups. The entire wedding party loved the rock and roll theme of the wedding, they danced on the balconies overlooking the crashing waves. The couple thanked Apollo Soul as they not only met every need, but went above and beyond to satisfy their customers and make their day the rock and rolling cliff face party one that would be carved into the memories of every guest for life.

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