Delicious Hog Roasts For Wedding Hire

From couples planning their wedding to large businesses organising corporate events the pressure is on to provide guests with something both enjoyable, tasty and different form the norm; one thing that attendees will talk after the event is a hog roast. There is something medieval about a hog roast hire, that delights the senses. This is one of the reasons why hog roast catering has become increasingly more popular. Not only does the hog itself furnish the perfect centre piece, you are guaranteed both a talking point and tender succulent meat. 

A feast which, throughout history, was previously reserved for the privileged few is now being used as the key catering choice to smaller parties such as birthdays & Christmas parties, in addition to, big business parties and wedding breakfasts. They’re also a terrific talking point and supply something different to the typical seated menu. 

Another benefit is the advantage of having the ability to make both a simple casual menu along with something that could contend with some of the more fanciful wedding breakfasts offered by traditional wedding caterers. Despite the fact that the principal course can be served as a buffet, there is absolutely no reason why additional courses can’t be served to the tables. This form of menu will always make sure that family and friends are talking your wedding long after the event. 

When booking hog roast caterers, you have to always watch out for these items. Business insurance is obviously crucial along with food hygiene certificates for many employees. Due to the growing popularity of the British hog roast, a growing number of people have chosen to masquerade as competent chef’s, offering people catering services without the proper qualifications. You have to take care when booking your caterers to check that they have the relevant qualifications and they have experience in the enterprise. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to attend a tasting session with a hog roast company but always request a thorough selection of testimonials; these can then be compared with other companies. 

Some smaller hog roast companies cook their pigs in bakers’ ovens in their places then send the pig cooked to your favourite destination. You also loose the visual effect and terrific aromas created by the pig slowly turning on the spit.

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